The Difference Between Colors

Color guideNPC Paint Co. is a reliable painting company that has been providing residents in Greensboro, NC with outstanding services for the past 15 years. As qualified professionals, we know how to utilize colors in accordance with their meaning and the effect they have on the room we are painting. Here, we have prepared a short article that will help you understand the different color groups.

Warm Colors

Red, yellow, and orange are the colors that go into the group of the warm. They are associated with light, fire, and the sun, and are known to trigger positive emotions in the viewer. They will also add intimacy to any room. Credited for bringing a creative mood and happiness, warm colors will make your room stimulating and energizing.

Cold Colors

In this group, you will find purple, blue, and green. These colors are often associated with nature, and have a calming and comforting effect on the viewer. They also have the strange ability to make a room appear larger. Paint with cold colors, and you will enjoy a bright room that will spike your creativity!

Neutral Colors

Black, white, and gray are considered to be neutral colors, due to the fact that they are indifferent. Although cold and warm colors do not mix well together, you can use the neural colors to accent other decorations and colors. However, painting an entire room black or white is never a good idea.

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